Sunday, November 16, 2014

Not all those who wander are lost...

The art of wandering is not lost on me, it’s something I’ve mastered over the years. Truth be told, there's a bit of the gypsy in my restless soul. This year has been a deliciously long journey and artistically I’ve made some big breakthroughs in the way I see and think about painting.

Waterhouse Gallery celebrates it's 30th anniversary and I'll be heading to Santa Barbara for "The Great American Figurative Exhibition" on November 22. This is a hugely popular event for participating artists and collectors alike and I have several paintings represented in the show and I’m honored be a part of this event. I hope you'll join me at the reception.
For more info visit Waterhouse Gallery online.

The Pour House, 14x11 Oil on linen

McSorley's 14x11 Oil on linen

Mixologist, 16x12 Oil on linen