Saturday, March 8, 2014

You can go to heaven...

Me and Rolly at Achilles Bay
...I'd rather stay in Bermuda."
Mark Twain uttered these words upon his first visit to the island of Bermuda. I must say I share his sentiments. I had the pleasure to live and work here in the 1980's and return often to paint and visit friends. 

Recently I visited the island in preparation for my upcoming Bermuda Workshop taking place May 9-12, 2014.  I explored the hidden side of the island while scouting out locations with my friend Roland Skinner, a well-known, local photographer. The workshop will encompass  landscape, the figure and portrait painting. Visit my website for more info or if you'd like to join us!

In her calm look...

When I'm in Bermuda, I always make it a point to visit Woody's, a local favorite for fish sandwiches. While enjoying a "Dark n' Stormy" in the bar, I noticed an old, black & white photo of a Bermudian woman hanging on the wall. It reminded me of a line from a poem; "In her calm look how wisdom's light is shed. I was inspired to paint this portrait. Her identity remains a mystery...

Lexy & Dion
I had to extend my trip due to weather conditions in Boston (I know how awful) but I'm glad I did because I met Bermudian artist Lexy Coreia and her husband Deon, owners of the DNA Creative Shoppe. They carry a full inventory of art supplies. Lexy recently had the honor of having her work accepted into the Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibit. Her painting of Déjon Simmons, who survived a horrific traffic accident in 2004 sustaining burns over 90 per cent of his body, is titled The Phoenix.

Check out this feel-good, video on youtube featuring the faces and places of Bermuda - song by Pharrell William's "Happy"

I hope you'll join me soon in Bermuda and as they say on the rock, have a Bermudaful Day!